The Best Under Cabinet Spice Racks – 10 Ideas to Create Worktop Space

Do you find yourself struggling with limited worktop space in your kitchen? In a busy kitchen, worktop space is a precious commodity.

Whether you’re preparing a delicious meal or simply trying to keep your kitchen organized, having ample worktop space is essential, so using under cabinet spice racks can help free up space.

The Best Under Cabinet Spice Racks - 10 Ideas to Create Worktop Space Pinterest pin

One common culprit that contributes to a cluttered and cramped workspace is the collection of spices that tends to accumulate over time.

As any seasoned chef knows, having a variety of spices on hand is crucial for adding flavour and depth to dishes, but I am definitely guilty of having spices I’ve never used or have no idea what to do with!

However, finding efficient and space-saving spice storage ideas can be a challenge.

By implementing clever spice storage solutions, you can reclaim your worktop space and transform your kitchen into a well-organized and (hopefully) culinary haven!

Under Cabinet Spice Racks

Under cabinet spice racks are spice storage solutions designed to be mounted or installed underneath kitchen cabinets.

A bit like drawer spice racks, they are an excellent option for utilizing unused space and keeping your spices easily accessible while saving valuable counter or drawer space.

Magnetic Under Cabinet Spice Racks

These racks feature a magnetic strip that can be attached underneath a cabinet, and small magnetic containers or tins are used to hold the spices.

The magnetic attraction keeps the containers securely in place, allowing for easy access and visibility.

It is easy to create your own. Purchase a magnetic knife rack from IKEA and some magnetic spice jars. Create labels to put on each jar so you know what is in each container. 

Jar Holder Clips

3 spice jars being held up with plastic clips in a kitchen
Menerva spice rack storage grip holder

Kitchen spice jar clips are a great organising tool that allows you to effortlessly store your spice jars in an organised fashion. The designed grooves let you secure your spice jars on the wall or directly underneath the cabinet.

They come with screws to secure the clips firmly and permanently onto wooden cupboard doors, walls, or cabinets.

Drawer Under Cabinet Spice Racks

If you have a lot of spices to store, maybe look at getting a bespoke fold-down tray that sits under your cabinets.

As it is bespoke, it can utilise your under cabinet space and be painted the same colour as your cabinets to make it look like it’s always been there!

Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

steel spice rack on the inside of a cupboard door
Steel Kitchen Storage Rack with 3 Tiers

The 3 tiers on this spice shelf provide a simple way to keep your ingredients and flavourings neatly organised. It can either be wall mounted or placed on the inside of a cupboard or cabinet door. Perfect for keeping your spice jars off the kitchen counters!

black grid-like shelf for wall mounted spice racks
Hanging Spice Rack Organizer for Wall Mount

With your spices on display, look at getting spice labels for your kitchen with attractive designs and fonts to add a decorative touch. 

Clip on Shelf or Cabinet Spice Rack

a white and bamboo shelf for spices that sits under a shelf
Tosca Yamazaki Home Under Shelf Spice Rack

These racks have clips or clamps that attach to the underside of the cabinet shelves. They provide a convenient way to hang spice jars or containers, keeping them organized and within reach.

Some clip-on racks also offer adjustable shelves to accommodate different spice container sizes.

Under Cabinet Pull Down Spice Rack

a pull out spice rack for under a kitchen cabinet
Joseph Joseph kitchen storage under cabinet Spice Rack

If you like things to be neat and tidy and tucked away, then this type of under cabinet spice rack is just for you!

This unique design utilises unused space beneath the shelf or under a kitchen cabinet with an easy pull-out compartment with a drawer stop. It holds up to 7 jars, perfect for the occasional chef!

Hooks to Hang Spice Jars

12 spice jars hanging on hooks under a kitchen cabinet
A simple way to hang your spices

Using hooks to hang spice jars is a simple and effective way to create a space-saving spice storage solution. Here’s how you can use hooks to hang spice jars:

  1. Choose hooks that are sturdy and suitable for the weight of your spice jars. Small adhesive hooks or S-hooks are commonly used for this purpose. Make sure the hooks have a size and shape that can securely hold the spice jar without slipping or falling.
  2. Identify a suitable area in your kitchen where you can hang the spice jars from under a cabinet. Ensure that the chosen location is easily accessible while you’re cooking.
  3. Before attaching the hooks, clean and dry the surface where you plan to hang them. This will ensure better adhesion for adhesive hooks and prevent them from coming off.
  4. If you’re using adhesive hooks, peel off the backing and firmly press them onto the cleaned surface. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. Allow the adhesive to set and bond according to the recommended timeframe.
  5. Once the hooks are securely in place, hang your spice jars by placing the jar lid or rim onto the hooks. Ensure that the jars are properly balanced and won’t tip over easily. You can also use S-hooks to hang the spice jars by their handles, if available.
a selection of images of colourful self adhesive hooks
40 Pack Adhesive Hooks
a glass jar with clip lid
You can hang these jars by their handle. Set of 12 Glass Clip Top Lid Spice Jars – Dunelm

Murphy Under Cabinet Spice Rack

a drop-down tray for your spices that sits under a kitchen cabinet
RR Murphy Under Cabinet Spice Rack

Another fantastic way to utilise the space under your kitchen cabinets is to create a Murphy cabinet spice rack.

A bit like a Murphy bed, this spice rack sits comfortably under a cabinet and can be pulled down when needed. The perfect way to see your spices all at once and provide easy access. 

Magnetic Jar Top Spice Rack

several spice jars held up with magnets under a kitchen cabinet
The jars are held with magnets by the metal jar lid and a magnetic strip. Image: Lisas Kitchen Shop

A simple way to keep your spice jars out of the way and on display is to use magnets.

Again, using the IKEA magnetic knife strip, you can secure it to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet and then either buy spice jars with metal lids or buy strong magnets you can stick to the lids and connect to the magnetic strip. This is a really easy idea and keeps your spice jars on display and easy to find!

Metal Baskets

a black mesh basket hung from a black metal pole holding spice jars
Matte Black Hanging Spice Rack – Dunelm

Finally, baskets are a great way to store items in the kitchen and black matte metal baskets add a contemporary touch.

You can either attach the metal pole on the wall directly under your kitchen cabinets to keep them out of the way, or attach the metal pole directly underneath the cabinets and hang baskets from it.

There is a large range of metal poles and small metal baskets to choose from online to keep all your spice jars in and is a simple spice organizer idea. 

Kitchen Wall Organiser, Metal Hanging Storage with 2 Hooks, Small Shelf, Kitchen Utensil Holder and Spice Rack
iDesign Kitchen Wall Organiser, Metal Hanging Storage with 2 Hooks, Small Shelf, Kitchen Utensil Holder and Spice Rack

Under cabinet spice racks are a practical and space-saving solution for storing and accessing your spices. They keep your spices off the counter, free up drawer space, and allow you to create a clutter-free and efficient cooking environment.

Consider your kitchen layout, the amount of space available under your cabinets, and your personal preferences when choosing the right under cabinet spice rack for your needs.

Hopefully, these spice storage ideas will get you started!

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The Best Under Cabinet Spice Racks - 10 Ideas to Create Worktop Space Pinterest pin

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