10 Pantry ideas – How to Add Stylish Storage to your Kitchen

The one thing I didn’t want to compromise on when I was designing our new kitchen was a pantry! I didn’t want to go with wall cabinets in the kitchen as I find that they make a space feel smaller and I had my heart set on having open shelving so I could display all our lovely tableware, glassware and plants.

Possibly one of my favourite features in our new kitchen, our scaffold board shelves!

This meant that I would potentially have to look for more storage elsewhere and a walk-in pantry was high on the list. With our new kitchen extension and renovation (you can read about our renovation plans here), we were moving the kitchen to the back of the house. Part of the back wall in the newly created kitchen has the staircase built into it so it has a slanted wall. Originally, we were going to put the fridge here but quickly realised this was the perfect place to create a walk-in pantry.

We blocked of the living room to the right with a new wall and quickly realised that the space under the stairs where the fridge is was the perfect space for more storage
We created a stud wall to the left and have glazed doors to put in. Now to design the inside.

With the area mapped out, I started researching ideas and thought I would write a blog post to help others who are looking to include these fabulous storage solutions for your kitchen. Pantries are now one of the most desirable features for potential buyers so it could even add value to your home.

10 pantry ideas - how to add stylish storage to your kitchen

Pantries are fast becoming a must-have kitchen item and searches went up a whopping 147% in 2020 according to research compiled by Wren Kitchens. #pantrygoals now has over 160,000 posts on Instagram, with the best organised ones having the potential to go viral.

We can’t get enough of spices displayed in organised labelled jars and tins and boxes of food colour coordinated.  

The beauty of pantries is you can create bespoke storage to suit your needs and they can come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 15 of my favourite storage options.


The word pantry is believed to have come from the French word “pan” which means bread. Traditionally, it was a cool, dark place to store perishable foods and has evolved to include food products and appliances like pasta, sauces and cake mixers.

A traditional pantry is designed around the kitchen cabinetry and can be integrated or free standing. The inside tends to be oak or wooden shelves with spice racks on the doors. This style is now hugely popular with many people creating their own bespoke style pantry cupboard in their kitchen.

Image credit: Howdens
Natural Oak Door Balcony – Howdens
The beautiful pantry of @bobbins.at.home

Walk in Pantry

A walk-in pantry (or butler’s pantry which is traditionally a small room between the kitchen and dining room) is the dream and it was one of the most important features when I was designing our new kitchen.

If your kitchen is quite large or has any awkward spaces, think about partitioning off part of the room to create a fully bespoke space. You will need less cupboard and wall unit space if you have a dedicated area to store all your non-perishable food and they will be easier to find.

The real beauty of having a walk-in pantry is that you can really utilise the space, creating floor to ceiling storage and even extra work top space.

Image credit: Humphrey Munson
Image credit: Humphrey Munson

Keep it contemporary

Love the idea of a pantry but want to keep it sleek and contemporary? Opt for ones with on-trend fluted glass which can help give you a peak of what’s inside but still able to keep the mess hidden!

Fluted sliding doors give this pantry a contemporary edge. Image credit: Mowlem and Co

Colourful pantries

Make your pantry pop with colour and create a stand out feature in your kitchen. Either paint it a contrasting colour to the rest of the kitchen or integrate the colour with your cabinets.  

A show stopping pantry in Pillar Box red with contrasting oak shelves and drawers. Image credit: Blakes London
Colourful coral. Image credit: Wren Kitchens


If you haven’t got room to do a dedicated pantry, incorporate it into your existing kitchen design. Conceal it behind cupboard doors that match your kitchen cabinetry and it becomes the perfect space to hide away all your kitchen clutter.  

One of my favourite pantry images, the pink and oak work extremely well together. Image credit: Neptune
Image credit: Blakes London
Beautiful contrasting storage. Image credit: Blakes London

Pull out 

Another great way to add storage to your kitchen if you do not have space for a dedicated room, is a pull-out pantry.

When we moved into our current home, the kitchen had a Howdens pull-out pantry and we immediately loved how we could display all our spices, jars and sauces in the cupboard with easy access. Even though we are having a walk-in built in the new kitchen, we still incorporated a pull-out into the design.

Pull out
Pull out pantry from Howdens
Such a great way to store all your spices and sauces and be able to find them!
A colourful pull-out from Wren Kitchens
Extremely stylish pull out storage. Image credit: Blakes London

Corner pantry

If you have a spare corner in your kitchen, why not use it to create a dedicated corner pantry? This is easy to do as you do not need a permanent structure and is cleverly compact. You can cordon off the corner cleverly by creating panels on either side and attach them to doors. Painting it in a contrasting colour to the rest of the kitchen cabinetry will help it stand out.

Freestanding corner pantry – Davonport
Clever use of corner space – Benchmarx Kitchens

You could also use a corner of your kitchen to create storage that feels walk-in without taking up too much space. Putting up glazed doors around your kitchen corner cabinetry helps make it feel separate from the rest of the kitchen and if you use fluted glass, it helps conceal what’s behind. Being able to open the doors gives you the luxury of a walk-in pantry without compromising on space or budget.

Such a clever use of space! Image credit: Blakes London
Image credit: Blakes London

Light it up

With the pantry being one of the most coveted items in a kitchen, why not show it off! Add lights in your pantry by using LED strips under the shelves or fairy lights on top. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a walk-in pantry, think about giving it its own dedicated light supply.

Your eyes are automatically drawn to @the_dormer_window_house walk-in pantry
Image credit: @the_dormer_window_house
A beautifully integrated pantry with it’s own light supply by the very talented Meera – @firstsenseinteriors

On show!

If organised is your middle name, how about keeping your pantry accessible with no doors, or glass doors so you can show off your organisational skills. Not for the faint hearted (or disorganised like myself), the aesthetic is key here with lots of mason jars, colour coordinated food storage and designer coffee machines.

The most luxurious pantry! Image credit: Blakes London
I love how the glassware blends into the pantry. Image credit: Haven Studios

Make it part of your utility

A few years ago, a dedicated utility room was top of the list when it came to renovating and reshuffling the kitchen. Although utility rooms are still extremely high up on the wish list, designers and home owners alike are incorporating pantry spaces into the utility. And why not? If you have the space for dedicated storage in the utility room, this is the perfect place to keep all your tins of tomatoes and small kitchen appliances.

If you are clever with the design, you can make this space dedicated by separating it with a glass panel or alcove.

@mo.and.the.jungle.shelf has created this perfect pantry just off his utility room
A clever use of space, you could create a utility and pantry in one room. Image credit: Plain English

Hopefully this week we can finally put our pantry plans into action. As with everything in our house at the moment, it has become a bit of a dumping ground so I can’t wait to get some shelves and storage boxes in there.

I should have an updated blog for you in the next couple of weeks of our finished pantry!

Mel x

10 pantry ideas

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