Sulking Room Pink Living Room – How to Design a Sophisticated and Cozy Space

a living room with sulking room pink walls

Pink is the perfect color for a living room, it can be sophisticated and calming depending on what shade you go for. Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink (No. 295), is a muted, dusky pink shade that is neither vibrant nor too dull, making it an excellent choice for creating a balanced and inviting living room.

The beauty of Sulking Room Pink is that it works with various shades and feels more grown-up than softer, pastel pinks. Its darker tones can provide an excellent backdrop to lighter furniture, or mix and match it with darker blues, olive greens, and golds.

Sulking Room Pink Living Room

a living room painted in sulking room pink with a marble fireplace
Image Credit: Farrow & Ball

Before diving into design specifics, it’s essential to understand the unique qualities of Sulking Room Pink. This color is muted pink with a hint of gray, offering a soft and calming effect.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

The color palette is crucial when designing a Sulking Room Pink living room. To create a harmonious and sophisticated look, consider pairing Sulking Room Pink with complementary colors. Here are some suggestions:


a pink living room with darker pink panelling

Combining Sulking Room Pink with neutral tones like beige, ivory, and gray can create a serene and elegant atmosphere. These colors allow the pink to stand out subtly without overwhelming the space.

Farrow and Ball suggest using it with Skimming Stone, Drop Cloth, Shaded White, and School House White.

Deep Greens

a sulking room pink living room with dark green fireplace and panelling

Dark green shades, such as Bancha or Card Room Green, can add depth and richness to your living room. This combination creates a striking contrast that enhances the sophistication of the space.

However, if you have a darker living room, Sulking Room Pink is best paired with a lighter color on the trims, windows, and doors. Deep greens could be introduced in furniture, painting a sideboard, or in artwork.

Dark Blues

a room with dark blue panelling and doors and a pink wall with a brown sofa

Dark blues such as Railings or De Nimes provide a real contrast to this muted rose color and should be used on the doors, trim, moldings, or even as an accent chimney breast wall.

The key to successfully combining Sulking Room Pink and darker blues is balance. Since Railings is a dark and intense color, it should be used strategically to create contrast without overwhelming the space.

If you are going to use this color in the living room, I would say just go for it! Paint the whole room pink, and paint the door frame, doors, moldings, and trims in Railings to stop the pink from becoming too overwhelming.

Warm Metallics

sulking room pink walls with gold elements in the living room

Incorporating warm metallics like gold, brass, or copper can add a touch of luxury. These accents complement the warmth of Sulking Room Pink and create a cohesive and stylish look.

How to Paint Your Living Room

It’s not just a case of slapping paint on the four walls! You can get creative with how you use the pink in your living room.

Some ideas include:

  • Color block a wall and highlight a gallery wall
  • Paint the bottom half of your living room wall in Sulking Room Pink and the top half in a soft white
  • Paint 2/3rds of the wall pink and use contrasting pinks in stripe patterns on the top half
  • Consider painting one wall in Sulking Room Pink as a focal point, and using wallpaper on the remaining walls

Furniture Selection

a pink room with blue trim and a coral sofa
Image credit: Farrow and Ball

Choosing the right furniture is essential to achieving a sophisticated and cozy living room. Here are some tips for selecting furniture pieces that complement Sulking Room Pink:


sulking room pink with a green velvet sofa

Opt for upholstered furniture in neutral tones or matching shades of pink. Soft, plush fabrics like velvet or chenille can enhance the cozy feel of the room. A Sulking Room Pink sofa or armchair can be a statement piece that ties the room together.

However, if you want to introduce more color and contrast in the room, a dark green, dark coral, or blue velvet sofa pairs beautifully with this pink. And if you really want to be on-trend, brown is making a comeback!

Brown, especially in a rich, deep shade, is a neutral color that pairs well with a variety of hues. The earthy undertones of brown harmonize with the warm, muted pink, creating a cohesive and balanced look.

Wooden Elements

sulking room pink living room with a cream sofa and oak table

To further enhance the pink, incorporate wooden furniture to add texture. Light or medium-toned woods, such as oak or walnut, work well. Choose either a wooden coffee table, sideboard, or bookshelf, but not all three. Multiple pieces of wooden furniture can overwhelm the room and make it feel heavy.

If you are using wood, make sure you choose furniture with clean lines and avoid bulky pieces as they can detract from the refined look you’re aiming for. Balance the wood with black accents and white trim, doors, and frames.

Use White for a Classic Look

Image credit: @thisismyhomestyle

If you don’t want to introduce wooden elements, white furniture can give your living room a clean, fresh look. Paint your fireplace white and use a white and gold-trimmed marble coffee table as a focal point.

Sulking Room Pink works really well with Scandinavian design. This style often features soft, neutral color palettes that create a calm and tranquil space. This pink, with its muted and dusty tone, fits perfectly and can add a touch of gentle color without being overpowering.


sulking room pink living room with white sofa and black and white artwork

Accessories play a significant role in bringing your Sulking Room Pink living room to life. It can help elevate the space and make it feel cohesive and polished. Here are some ideas:


Choose artwork that complements the color scheme and pairs well with other elements in the room.

  • Black and white prints look stylish if you have opted for white furniture or a Scandinavian design.
  • If you have gone with dark green or blue upholstery, abstract pieces can blend Sulking Room Pink with these colors and provide a contemporary look
  • Botanical illustrations in muted tones can work beautifully with any design, especially if you have gone with wooden furniture.


sulking room pink with a velvet armchair, dark trim and a persian rug

Incorporate a variety of textiles to add layers of comfort and sophistication. Use natural textiles like wool or linen in complementary shades. Consider curtains, rugs, and throw pillows in coordinating colors and patterns.

A patterned rug with hints of Sulking Room Pink can anchor the space and tie the color scheme together. I always prefer to choose a rug first before I start adding other colors to a room as this helps me decide on what shades to use to make sure they all work seamlessly.


sulking room pink with wallpaper in the living room

You may think, why would I want to add wallpaper in the room if I’m already going for a bold shade like Sulking Room Pink? I think this pink was made to be matched with wallpaper!

You could panel the bottom half of your wall and paint it pink, with floral wallpaper in similar shades on the top half. Or, you could paint the trim, moldings, fireplace, and doors in Sulking Room Pink and wallpaper the rest of the room. This provides a personal and unique touch to your living room.


a room with sulking room pink with a gold light shade

Proper lighting is essential for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere and should never be overlooked. Opt for a mix of lighting sources, including ambient, task, and accent lighting.

A statement chandelier or pendant light in a warm metallic finish can add a touch of elegance. If you’re going for a light with a metallic finish, choose table lamps and floor lamps with the same materials. You can add light shades in fabric with pink tones, or choose a contrasting color such as olive green or dark blue.

Plants and Personal Items

a sideboard with a gold vase and foliage and pink walls

Adding greenery can bring life and freshness to your living room and it they work so well with Sulking Room Pink. Choose stylish planters in coordinating colors or go for texture with rattan and wicker style pots. I think a simple terracotta pot works well with this pink.

Decorative items can help complete the room. Choose items with gold or brass elements such as a gold vase or brass lanterns and candleholders.

Sulking Room Pink Mood Boards

I have put together some mood boards with product ideas to help you create your dream living room.

I hope you got some inspiration from this post and are keen to create a Sulking Room Pink living room. Although it is a darker pink, it works well with many shades and designs such as vintage, Scandinavian, traditional rooms and Boho!

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