Expert Tips for Bedroom Styling : How to Style With Ease

Stepping into a stylish and functional bedroom or guest bedroom can set the tone for a good night’s sleep and leave a lasting impression on guests. Creating the perfect bedroom decor and space isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Expert Tips for Bedroom Styling: How to Style With Ease Pinterest pin

In this article, I’ll explore some top tips for bedroom styling that will cater to your personal taste and contribute to a relaxing and aesthetic environment.

Bedroom Styling Ideas

bedroom with pink walls, Persian rugs, upcycled cabinet and a green velvet bed

First and foremost, choose a wall paint or wallpaper colour that you love. Remember to check how it looks in daylight and under artificial light at night, as colours can change dramatically under different lighting conditions.

Next, focus on the bed and your bedroom sets, which is your central feature. Ensure it’s beautifully dressed, inviting, and crisp. An effective way to style your bed is to layer two-bed pillows, add throw pillows, and one decorative pillow.

Moreover, if you have a stunning bed frame, flaunt it by keeping it exposed and the floor underneath clear.

Strategic furniture placement, storage solutions, and carefully selected bedroom decor can work together to create a stunning and functional space that helps you to get a good night’s sleep. 

Choosing a Theme and Style

a minimalist bedroom with white walls, green and white bedding and some artwork

Choosing a bedroom theme and style can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming with so many bedroom decorating ideas to choose from.

Here are some bedroom styling ideas to help you narrow down your choices and make a decision:


When opting for a minimalist bedroom style, focus on simplicity and functionality. Choose furniture that serves a purpose while maintaining clean lines and minimal design.

Stick to a neutral colour palette and add a few key pieces that showcase your personality.

It’s essential to declutter and maintain organisation in your minimalist bedroom design, ensuring every item has its place. The goal is to create a calming, serene space that promotes relaxation and rest. Using light-coloured frames for your furniture can make the space feel larger and less formal.


white brick work in the bedroom with a black bed, black and white bedding and rattan light shades
Image: @beesnburlap

An industrial bedroom theme embraces raw, unfinished elements and showcases the beauty of construction materials. To achieve this look, incorporate exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and visible pipes or ductwork in your design.

Select furniture made from reclaimed or repurposed materials, like metal or wood, to complement the aesthetic. Warm, neutral colours work well in an industrial-themed bedroom, with metallic accents offering a modern edge.

For lighting, consider using Edison bulbs and pendant lights to complete the look.


For earthy bedroom decor, draw inspiration from nature and incorporate a variety of natural materials, textures, and colours into your design.

Opt for wooden furniture in warm tones, and layer rugs, cushions, and throw blankets made from natural fibres like wool, linen, or jute.

Introducing plush velvets in rich earthy tones adds a luxurious touch while providing contrast against a neutral backdrop.

Consider using a combination of indoor plants and botanical prints to bring the outdoors in and create a genuinely restful and soothing environment.

Venetian Bedroom

a mood board for a Venetian-style bedroom
Ornate furniture and accessories create a Venetian-style bedroom

If you want to mix the old with the new then why not opt for Venetian bedroom decor? Venetian-style bedrooms are known for their opulence, elegance, and romanticism.

A dramatic bed when paired with a Georgian panelled room is a great way for you to create a Venetian look. Venetian-style bedrooms often feature warm, rich colours such as deep reds, golds, and dark browns. Consider using metallic accents to add a touch of glamour.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom then you may want to incorporate some ornate living room furniture such as a chaise longue or a beautifully carved armchair. Finish off the bedroom with mirrored dressers and glass chandeliers. 

Bed and Bedding Essentials

pink and blue bedding in a bedroom

Sheets and Blankets

To create a comfortable and stylish bedroom, begin by selecting the right sheets and blankets for your bed.

Choose a high-quality sheet set made from soft and cosy materials such as Egyptian cotton or linen. Ensure the fitted sheet properly fits your mattress, as this will provide a smooth sleeping surface.

Layer a lightweight blanket or coverlet on top of your sheets for additional warmth and texture. When selecting colours, consider opting for neutral or soothing tonal shades to create a calming environment.


A key aspect of styling your bedroom and creating comfort is the arrangement and selection of pillows. Start with a supportive and comfortable set of pillows for sleeping, and add decorative ones to introduce a pop of colour, pattern, or texture.

When arranging pillows on your bed, begin with the largest ones at the back and taper down to the smallest ones in front. This will create a cosy and inviting look in your bedroom. Remember that personal preference plays a significant role in the number of pillows and the arrangement style, so tailor them to your own taste.

Comfort and Style

Finally, think about the overall comfort and style of your bed.

If you have a platform bed or a canopy bed, ensure it’s solid and well-built. Choose a duvet cover or comforter that complements your sheet and pillow selections, providing a harmonious colour scheme and design.

Consider adding a throw or quilt to your bed for an additional layer of texture and warmth, as this can make your room feel more inviting.

Focus on the essential elements of bed and bedding when styling your bedroom, such as selecting the right sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Take the time to consider the overall comfort and style that works best for you and your space, while also keeping in mind the type of bed you have.

By carefully choosing each aspect of your bed and bedding, you can create a welcoming and visually pleasing bedroom environment.

Furniture Selection and Placement

a large bed in a bedroom with bedside tables and table lamps

Furniture and their placements help to create a balanced and stylish bedroom. What pieces of furniture should you be looking for in bedroom styling? 

Bedside Tables and Nightstands

Selecting the right bedside tables and nightstands will not only improve the overall appearance but also provide functionality. Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Size: Choose nightstands that fit your space comfortably, keeping enough room to manoeuvre around your bed.
  • Height: Match the height of your nightstands to your bed and consider having at least one drawer or shelf to hold your essentials.
  • Style: Select a style that complements your bed and other furniture in the room. Consider using contrasting materials for added visual interest.

Chairs and Benches

a white panelled bedroom with large bed and a blue bench at the end

Incorporating seating options such as chairs or benches can enhance your bedroom’s overall layout and make it more inviting. Consider these tips for optimal placement:

  • Corner Reading Area: Tuck a comfortable chair and floor lamp into a corner to create a cosy reading nook.
  • End-of-Bed Seating: Place a cushioned bench at the end of your bed; this not only adds an elegant touch but is also useful for putting on and taking off shoes.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are essential for a well-organised bedroom. Here are some ideas to optimise your storage space:

  • Built-in Wardrobes: Installing built-in wardrobes can save floor space while allowing you to store your clothes and accessories neatly.
  • Under-bed Storage Boxes: If you have a bed with clearance underneath, use storage boxes or drawers to maximise space.
  • Floating Shelves: Make use of vertical space with floating shelves, providing an area for displaying décor items or storing smaller accessories.

Remember to maintain balance in your furniture selection and arrangement, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and materials to create your ideal bedroom.

Walls and Accessories

black painted wooden walls in the bedroom with a large bed and hanging lights from the ceiling
Dark and dramatic bedroom decor

Paint and Wallpaper

When bedroom styling, consider the impact paint and wallpaper can have on the space. Opt for a paint colour that complements your desired ambience – for instance, soft and calming shades work well for a relaxing atmosphere.

In contrast, if you want to introduce an element of drama, try using a bold hue or a patterned wallpaper to make a statement. Wallpaper can also play a role in adding depth and texture to the room.

Mirror and Wall Decor

Incorporating mirrors into your bedroom decor helps to reflect natural light and create a sense of spaciousness. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and styles to find the perfect mirror that complements the room’s decor.

In addition to mirrors, consider wall art and accessories to personalise the space further. For example, you can combine open shelving with wall art to display your favourite books, bedroom decor items, or artwork.

Accent Wall

a blue chinoiserie wallpaper in the bedroom with mustard and white bedding
Van Gogh Almond Blossom – Cover Your Wall

An accent wall can be a striking addition to your bedroom styling, drawing attention to a particular area and adding depth to the room. This can be achieved by using a contrasting paint colour, wallpaper, or even placing mirrors on one wall.

You could opt for a vibrant colour or a geometric pattern to really make a statement. Keep in mind that the accent wall should be balanced with the rest of the decor to create a cohesive look.

Remember, when styling your bedroom decor, it’s essential to consider the elements that will create the perfect atmosphere for you. Experiment with wall paint, wallpaper, mirrors, and wall decor to find the right combination that suits your taste and style.

Lighting and Ambience

a neutral bedroom with lots of blankets and throws on the bed and a tall floor lamp

Table Lamps and Wall Sconces

In your bedroom, consider incorporating both table lamps and wall sconces to create a balanced lighting scheme. Table lamps are perfect for adding task lighting to bedside tables, which helps with activities like reading before bed.

Choose lamps that complement your bedroom decor and ensure they have suitable shades to diffuse light for comfortable reading.

Wall sconces create a lovely, warm ambience in your bedroom, especially when mounted on either side of your bed or opposite walls.

This type of lighting can also help highlight artwork and architectural features in the space. Opt for sconces with adjustable arms, so you can direct light as needed.


A chandelier can make a stunning focal point in your bedroom and creates an elegant, chic atmosphere. Choose a style and size that complements your room’s dimensions and design.

For ceilings less than 8 feet, consider a flush or semi-flush mount instead of a chandelier to prevent making the room feel cramped. Tie in the chandelier’s design with other elements in your bedroom for a cohesive look.

Keep in mind, chandeliers provide general lighting, so you’ll still need to supplement with task and accent lighting throughout the space.

Statement Lighting

A statement light adds a unique touch to your bedroom decor and can serve as a feature element in the room. To create impact, consider an oversized table lamp with a distinctive design, or go for a sculptural pendant or floor lamp.

Statement lighting can make your bedroom feel sophisticated and personalised while setting the mood for relaxation.

Remember, striking the right balance of lighting elements is crucial to achieving a cosy, welcoming, and functional bedroom.

Combine table lamps and wall sconces with a chandelier or ceiling-mounted fixture, and add tasteful statement pieces to create the perfect atmosphere.

Textiles and Finishing Touches

a green and orange bedroom with lots of natural touches including a gallery wall, plants and shelves
Image: Photo by Spacejoy

Rugs and Curtain Selection

When styling your bedroom, selecting the right rugs and curtains can make a significant difference. Consider the size and the colours of your room when choosing these elements.

For rugs, opt for a plush, soft texture that adds warmth and comfort underfoot.

In the case of curtains, sheer curtains can allow natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy. Heavier curtains can provide a sense of luxury or contribute to a room’s cosiness. Coordinate the colours and patterns of your rugs and curtains with your overall bedroom design for a cohesive look.

Texture and Material Options

Experimenting with various textures and materials in your bedroom decor can add depth and interest to the space. For your bed sheets, consider options like cotton, linen, or silk to match your personal preferences and the style of your home.

If you have a contemporary home, cotton or linen might be the perfect choice, while silk or velvet will suit a more elegant setting.

In addition to bed sheets, other textiles such as blankets and throws can also be incorporated into your bedroom styling. Combine different textures, such as a soft, faux-fur throw with a chunky knit blanket, for a visually appealing and comfortable arrangement.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a versatile and easy way to elevate your bedroom’s design. Choose a mix of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colours to create a dynamic and inviting arrangement on your bed.

You can also opt for on-trend, seasonal colours, or timeless, neutral shades to suit the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

In addition, consider incorporating unique handles and other ornaments as finishing touches for your nightstand or coffee table.

These decorative elements add character to your bedroom styling and help personalize your space with items that hold meaning and significance for you. This will make your bedroom feel more like a sanctuary that truly reflects your style and personality.

Creating a Personal Haven

a grey bed in a white painted room with lot of plants

Plants and Greenery

Integrating plants and flowers into your bedroom decor not only adds a touch of nature but also helps create a calm atmosphere.

Choose a mix of low-maintenance plants that thrive in indirect sunlight to ensure continuous growth without much effort. Place a snake plant or peace lily near your bedside table, and a few hanging plants by the window.

The greenery in your bedroom will improve the air quality, making the space feel fresh and inviting.

Books and Personal Items

Incorporate your passions and hobbies into your bedroom decor by creating displays or dedicated spaces for them.

Set up a small bookshelf with a selection of your favourite books, organise travel souvenirs on a shelf or wall, or showcase your fashion and music interests with tasteful artwork.

Tailoring your bedroom styling to reflect your unique personality and interests helps transform the space into a haven where you feel at ease and inspired.

Maintaining Neatness and Order

A clutter-free environment contributes to a sense of serenity and relaxation. To maintain order in your bedroom, consider incorporating smart storage solutions such as:

  • Under-bed storage for seasonal clothing or spare bedding
  • Drawer dividers to keep items tidy and accessible
  • Floating shelves for displaying decor or storing small items
  • Multifunctional furniture like ottomans with hidden storage or a bed frame with built-in shelving

Ensure that you make an effort to maintain neatness in your bedroom by regularly putting away items and decluttering.

This will help make your bedroom a truly personal haven that provides a cosy, calming experience every time you enter it.

Tips for Small Bedrooms

a small bedroom with queen bed, grey walls, an open wardrobe and artwork.

Space-Saving Furniture

When styling a small bedroom, opt for furniture with rounded edges to maximize floor space and widen walkways.

Consider half-circle nightstands and round ottomans with hidden storage compartments as ideal options for your small bedroom decor. They not only save space but also provide functional storage.

Maximising Storage Options

Maximise storage in your small bedroom by choosing multipurpose furniture, like beds with built-in storage underneath or headboards with shelves.

Vertical storage solutions, such as tall bookcases or wall-mounted floating shelves, can help you make the most of your limited space.

Don’t forget about utilising the unused wall space behind your door with over-door storage solutions for items like shoes, bags or hats.

Remember, balance is key, so avoid overfilling your storage spaces to maintain a decluttered and visually appealing bedroom for better sleep.

Effective Use of Colour and Light

a dark panelled bedroom wall with a pink headboard and a wall sconce

When it comes to colours, think about the overall tone you want for your small bedroom decor.

You can opt for a quiet, neutral palette or go for a loud, maximalist approach with a specific colour scheme and theme.

Light colours tend to make rooms feel more spacious, while darker shades can add a cosy feeling but make the room feel smaller. Use contrasting colours to create interest and balance within the space.

Lighting is a crucial factor in creating a comfortable atmosphere in a small bedroom. Position mirrors opposite or adjacent to windows to reflect natural light and make the room feel brighter and more spacious.

Layer your lighting with ambient, task, and accent lights for optimal functionality and adjustable brightness. Finally, consider using wall-mounted light fixtures or pendant lights to save space on nightstands and side tables.

Transforming your bedroom into a stylish and inviting space doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive.

By considering factors such as theme and style, colour schemes, furniture and bedroom decor, lighting, organization and storage, and DIY projects, you can create a bedroom that reflects your personal taste.

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Expert tips for Bedroom Styling : How to Style With Ease Pinterest pin


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