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My favorite Amazon kitchen accessories

Kitchens can often be a neutral affair in our homes, so how about adding a bit of color in the form of pink kitchen accessories? Pink is such a versatile color, it can easily sit alongside green, blue, yellow, grey, and white.

So, if you already have one of these colors in the kitchen, it will be easy to introduce pink into the room!

The best way to add pink kitchen accessories is to keep it consistent. Instead of just adding a pink kettle or a pair of pink oven gloves, try and buy several pink items to create a running theme throughout your kitchen.

pink kitchen cake mixer with a pink shelf and tea pots sat on it

There are many different shades of pink to choose from. Go for blush pink kitchen accessories if you want to keep the palette soft and neutral, or bright neon pink if you want to make a real statement with pink kitchen appliances!

Here are some of my favorite pink gadgets, appliances, accessories, and tools for your kitchen!

Pink Kitchen Accessories

If you don’t want to spend too much money updating your kitchen, how about adding some pink kitchen accessories to your home?  From pink utensils to the ultimate pink tea, coffee, and sugar canisters, these will all look splendid sat on your kitchen worktops or a shelf.

The wooden handles give these utensils a classic look and include everything you need for a busy kitchen. Great value for money!

Even if the pink is mainly covered with a kitchen roll, there’s still just a hint of the color to know it’s there!

These pink silicone oven mitts are stain-resistant and waterproof. Perfect for protecting your new pink manicure! 

Who knew a knife block could look so pretty?

The perfect pink in my eyes. These canisters are sealed to help keep your coffee and tea fresh and the design is cool and contemporary.

Looking for an extra bit of kitchen storage? I absolutely love these 3 tier trolleys on wheels. They are perfect for storing your fruit, vegetables, and jars containing pasta rice, etc.

You can also use them as a spice rack! Just roll them over to the worktop when you need to cook!

For all the cat lovers out there, get your paws on these! The perfect tongs for your pink-inspired kitchen

Just add candyfloss and Mary Poppins!

Pink kitchenware

From cake mixing bowls to terrazzo-inspired woks, everyone will be asking where you got your pink kitchenware from. They’re so good, you’ll want to have them out on display all the time. 

You’ll be wanting to lick the outside of the bowl as well as the cake mixture!

With a cast iron casserole dish like this, I’ll be bubbling away casserole in the kitchen every night. Much to my husband’s delight!

I absolutely need this pan in my life. The pink terrazzo design wouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen! It’s almost too good to use. 

The perfect colander to shake your pasta

12 Set measuring cups and spoons with a pink and copper twist

Add a splash of pink to your kitchen worktops with this trivet. Perfect for resting your pink casserole dish on. 

Pink Kitchen Appliances

Why not look at pink if you’re looking to splash a bit more cash and upgrade your kitchen appliances?

From bright pops of neon pink to make your coffee machine a real statement piece, to sandwich makers shaped like handbags, there’s a pink kitchen appliance to suit all styles.

With its pink candyfloss exterior and splashes of rose gold, this super stylish kettle will help to brighten up your kitchen worktops. 

I’ve always wanted a Pink KitchenAid. Although I’m not sure if it’s because I want to bake cakes, or because they are THE fashion statement for the kitchen :) 

A coffee machine that shouts WOW! Make your coffee every morning with a smile on your face with this Retro neon pink coffee machine. 

Cleverly designed to make it look like a quilted handbag, this sandwich maker won’t want to be hidden away in a cupboard. Display it with pride!

Need a little extra fridge space to cool your drinks or keep all your favorite snacks cool? This fridge can easily sit on top of a kitchen worktop, uses less energy, and is portable. Just take the fridge with you for instant snack access!

Complete your retro pink kitchen look with a Smeg toaster. Smeg also does matching kettles and food mixers in this glorious bubblegum pink.

They look great in a white or neutral kitchen and provide that little pop of color without being too overbearing. There are many pink kitchen accessories from Smeg, you could choose one stand-out piece, or turn your whole kitchen into a pink palace.

pink smeg food mixer on oak wooden worktops in the kitchen
I loved the pop of pink our Smeg Retro Blender provides in our kitchen

It’s simple to add pink kitchen accessories. If you’re looking around your kitchen and feeling it’s a little lackluster, a few of these products will certainly bring a bit of life to the room!

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